Monday, 25 October 2010

More Flexible

For those who want to know how to become more flexible, doing a few simple stretching exercises will help you. If you are following an exercise routine it is important that you do a warm up routine before you begin and a cool down routine after you finish. Inculcating a stretching regimen in your workout is a good way to build strength. If you do not exercise it is important that you do a little warm up jog, before you embark on your stretching program.

If you want a more flexible body, you will need to undertake full body stretching exercises for flexibility routine. It is a good practice to ensure that you stretch every possible muscle of your body. If you stretch just one body part, you increase the risk of injuring the other.

Exercises for Flexibility

Becoming flexible is not an event it's a slow process, you probably will not be able to do a full split on your first day of stretching exercises. One of the ways to become more flexible is joining a yoga class, you will most definitely improve your flexibility in a yoga class. Yoga is one of the best routines to follow, if you want to become more flexible for dance, or any other forms of workouts that needs agility. It is also one of the best stretching exercises for kids, as well as adults. If you are wondering how to become more flexible by working out at home, try a few simple stretching routines.

Lower Body
Divide your stretching routine in two parts, lower body stretches and upper body stretches. It is important to do at least a 10-15 minute warm up before you start doing any kind of stretching routine. The lower body stretches will target your hamstring, gluteal, calf and ankle, muscles.

    * Stand straight, with your back arched and hands on your hips, this will be your starting position. Slowly lift your leg bending it at the knee. Try and bring your thigh as close to the chest as you can. Put both your palms on the knee and bring the leg towards your chest. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, if you cannot balance, stand with your back against the wall for support. Repeat the stretch with your other leg, remember to breathe in and out as smoothly as you can.
    * Stand tall and bend your leg backwards so that your heel rests on your buttocks. Now, try and push your thigh as back as you can, feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Now do it with the other leg, hold the position for 15-20 seconds. This is one of the best stretching exercises for runners.
    * Lie down on your back and fold the legs so that your knees point towards the ceiling and feet are firmly placed on the ground. Now, pick your left leg and rest it on the right leg so that your left ankle is brushing against the thigh of the right leg. Repeat the motion with the other leg and feel a good stretch in your gluteal muscles.

Upper Body
Stretching the upper body is as important as stretching your lower body, become more flexible fast, by doing warm up exercises before you start your routine. It is important that you hold your position while maintaining normal breathing when stretching your body.

    * Stretch your left arm in front of you, with an open palm, and fingers pointing to the ceiling. Now, with the your right hand try and bend the fingers of your left palm towards your wrist. Go as far as possible and then hold the position, repeat the exercise with the other arm.
    * Raise your right hand in the air with your palm pointing in front. With your left arm hold the wrist of your right hand and pull it to the left side as much as you can. Do not bend your right hand, you can bend your torso sideways if possible. Repeat the same motion with your other hand.
    * One of the best stretching exercises for lower back is to lie down on your stomach with your hand stretched in front of you. Lift your left leg and right hand at the same time and hold the position for 3-5 seconds to become more flexible in your back. Remember to repeat the motion with your right leg and left hand.

Hope you have got a little insight into how to become more flexible. Stretching exercises will improve circulation and will also develop your range of motion, it will also prevent muscle aches and cramps during physical exertion.

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