Friday, 3 December 2010

New Fitness Trends

Top Ten New Fitness Trends

What's the hot word in workouts?

   1. "Buffet-Style" Fitness. Fitness today is a smorgasbord of choices. Take a spinning class, an adventure vacation, a Chi Kung course or a plain old walk around the block. Better yet, take turns and do them all. Instead of restricting people to rigid guidelines, fitness experts are telling people to have fun, try new things, take risks and change fitness routines often.
   2. Pros In the Know. Remember when the guy on the block with the home gym was the weight lifting expert? Not anymore. Most of today's professional personal trainers and group fitness instructors are educated and certified. They keep up with research, industry news and professional standards. They may specialize in areas such as injury rehabilitation, special medical conditions, pre and postnatal fitness and more. Today's fitness pro has to stay on top of things -- because today's exerciser is also more knowledgeable about health and fitness than ever before.