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Build Muscle If Your Joints Hurt

When I returned to training in the 80's that supposed to build bigger muscles should progressively heavier weights. To some degree this is true, but there are ways to get a lighter "work" muscles much harder than normal. The man with the chest most impressive I've seen in person ever benched over 205 pounds. He told me that everything is heavier, "his joints hurt" ... So he used a lighter weight to get the job done. Last summer I was stronger than ever in the chin up and shoulders, elbows, but it started hurting and I decided to mix in a 3-4 month for lifting the light to my joints a much needed break. I will outline what I do.

Weight [to raise a healthy long-term contract. If you feel pain in the joints, then you would give your joints a break and go light for a few months.]
High Representative for fatigue = a way to build muscle mass
This is not news to anyone who read my courses in visual impact, but high repetitions are actually a great way to increase muscle mass. Lifting in the 8-15 rep range increase muscle fluid (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy), which causes rapid muscle growth. I recommend lowering rep ranges and for strength, density and definition to increase ... slight increase but works well to increase the size of a muscle.
Now I lift as light as possible for 8-15 reps
I should probably rephrase that: I'm using light weight without strain on the muscles to the limit stop in the 8-15 rep range. This is not the same as the first phase of muscle visual impact. I purposely go lighter than would be ideal for this phase. I'll give you a sketch of a routine, but ... First an interesting study
A study of the low resistance training and muscle growth
Christian Finn, has a great article on his blog about gaining muscle with oxygen limitation. This message was talking about how low the level of oxygen in the muscles stimulates muscle gain and increased fatigue. The sites of a study that talks about reducing oxygen in the muscles through high reps:

"Even with only a light weight (50% 1-RM), slowing their representatives (three seconds for the eccentric and concentric actions, a pause of 1 second, and no relaxation phase) and try to keep" constant voltage "within muscle has been shown to lower levels of oxygen and muscle building muscle and heavier weights (80% 1-RM) and higher lifting speed (1 second concentric and eccentric actions, one second for the rest) "
The main variable is the constant voltage
What they found was that the explosive movement is not a constant voltage to create ... muscles "a break" (literally) and not getting the desired state of low oxygen fatigue. I do repeats at a rate slightly higher, but not resting on the top or bottom of the movement. He is working properly, but I can try and change the "3 seconds and 3 seconds" method for my next workout. Thanks for the tip of the Christian!
My quick setup of this type of training
I do not want to mess with their training division. Keep doing the routine you are doing, but the use of this system and rep scheme.

Choose a weight that about 50% of its maximum 1 Rep: I can bench press 265-275 right now, so bench presses with 135 pounds.
Aim for 15-20 repetitions 1: Lift very close to failure. If you can do over 20 reps the weight is too light. If you under 15 is too heavy.
There is no pause in the upper or lower during the Repetitions: Do everything possible to prevent a break. You want the muscle fatigue at each iteration, "based on" the former representative.
Rest only 45-60 seconds between sets: Once again ... The idea is that for those muscles before you restore the previous series.
Do 5 sets about to fail: Normally, you will be able to reduce repetitions of each set to do. Every effort to ensure that you do not dip into eight repetitions in the final stage.
Do 2-3 exercises per muscle group: If you feel a surge of energy and have more time, choose three exercises per muscle group (15 sets total). In the days where time is limited or you feel tired, then choose two exercises per muscle group (10 matches in total).
You have to suck up your ego to make it work
Boys who have been through a phase of my program have been through this, but it is a humiliating experience for the first time to raise this way. The second exercise is a good chance that you will not even be able to get 50% of your one rep max use. For example, after doing my five sets of bench with 135 pounds of smoked my chest! I usually just 35-40 for my oblique dumbbell press then. It feels light in my hands, but can not push much than 15 reps, no matter how hard you try. It's a strange feeling.

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